Program Philosophy

ELC incorporates a triadic approach to its program philosophy, focusing on three components: the Child, Family, and Community. The primary axiom and foundation of the Child component is the belief that the students are the first priority.

Accordingly, ELC emphasizes “Respect, Support, and Participate” (RSP) each day and partners with students in his or her programming and treatment. The Family component further expands the Child component by partnering with each student’s family or guardian(s) to take the skills learned in the school setting and build upon, enhance, and reinforce these techniques in family and community settings. Finally, the Community component promotes participation in community events and activities fostering student growth outside of the classroom setting, as well as, cultivating a healthy sense of responsibility and belonging to each student’s community. These three components are emphasized routinely.

Enriched Learning Center Mission Statement

The mission of ELC is to foster social, emotional, and educational development in students by engaging each individual’s strengths and interests in order to prepare students for transition back to school or the community.

Program Objectives

  1. Teach each student to develop and cultivate social and problem-solving skills to enhance relationships with peers and adults.

  2. Establish appropriate behaviors for success in classroom situations and enhance academic performance and productivity.

  3. Improve students’ self-esteem by teaching competencies in academic, recreational, and community activities.

  4. Reduce students’ risk factors and strengthen resilience's, such as social functioning, academic performance, decision-making, and impulse control

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