Enriched Learning Center High School Program:

Enriched Learning Center serves students from grades 9 -12 by creating curriculum that teams with Berlin SAU#3 high school and corresponds with the New Hampshire Department of Education Curriculum Frameworks.

It is ELC’s goal to inspire students to become lifelong learners. Each student has access to computer based learning, art, physical education and core academic subjects. This project-based curriculum appeals to the students’ desire to learn in a holistic manner and see the world as integrated rather than segmented. Vocational and on-the-job training is offered for High School students in community-rich settings.

ELC focuses on enabling students to self-regulate their behavior in socially acceptable ways. This is achieved through personal accountability in a structured program that consistently monitors students’ progress on individual goals. Group problem solving, individual counseling, and personalized crisis plans help students realize new avenues for their actions. Progress on goals is monitored at the end of each lesson, assessed daily, and compiled into weekly assessments that reflect the students’ accomplishments towards their annaul goals. Parents and guardians receive weekly and quarterly progress reports, along with personal contact, as needed, by our behavioral specialists.

603.215.6372 - 26 Exchange St., PO Box, 487 Berlin, NH 03570