Summer Educational Program Descriptions

Raft and Ropes
This two or three day program focuses on team building and basic whitewater skills. It is a customized program with the goal of creating a healthy, dynamic group for your school, team or class. In addition students will develop basic water and river safety, paddling techniques along with basic rope work.

Week of Rivers
The Week of Rivers Course is a sampler for students interested in developing the skills and knowledge to safely participate in whitewater sports. It is designed for a variety of experience and ability. Students will receive instruction in strokes and navigation, river reading and hydrology, selection and outfitting of different whitewater craft, and safe judgment and decision making. Participants will spend time in canoes, whitewater kayaks, inflatable kayaks, and whitewater rafts. As the class develops their skills, the course will move to different rivers to focus on the fundamentals. The course will take place on several rivers in Maine and New Hampshire including sections of the Androscoggin and Magalloway Rivers, and leading up to a trip on the Kennebec River. Students will raft the Class IV upper gorge to start and then when the river mellows to Class II-III, they will have the option to guide a raft, or take an inflatable or whitewater kayak. The course instructor is a Level 4 American Canoe Association Certified Whitewater Kayak Instructor, a Maine Guide, and is certified in Advanced Wilderness First Aid.

North Country Kayak School
Introduction to Kayaking for Youth in the North Country. This course is open to youth ages 14 to 18 and takes place in local pools and regional rivers. All equipment is included and students will learn gear selection and outfitting, strokes and boat control, the "Eskimo Roll", river and boating safety, and develop the foundation skill sets to becoming a whitewater paddler. Dryland training will cover hydrology and route finding, setting up safety for other paddlers, and cover aspects of swift water rescue. Students will develop techniques, confidence, and a teamwork based mindset for engaging in this life long leisure pursuit. The program consists of 10 sessions. These sessions break down into 6 evenings in a local pool and 4 days on a local or regional river. The last day will be a capstone trip where the students can apply their skills as they scout, set safety, and paddle through rapids, bringing together their dryland and water based training and practice.

The Viking Adventure
This program includes canoeing, camping, whitewater rafting, and some team building. The multi-day adventure exposes participants to opportunities for growth and the development of confidence and self- sufficiency, as the young adults learn how to take care of themselves and others in the outdoors. The trip will take place in the Lake Umbagog region of northern New Hampshire, and involve different paddle sports, including Class II-III rafting on the Magalloway River or Class III-IV rafting on the Rapid River, canoeing on the beautiful Lake Umbagog and Androscoggin River, as well as inflatable or whitewater kayaks on the Androscoggin River.

Our River As Metaphor trip is a true immersion in whitewater rafting. Students will explore themselves and the local history and culture while learning the basics of whitewater rafting and river safety. We will whitewater raft on two scenic and exciting rivers the Androscoggin and Magalloway. On the Androscoggin students will negotiate the same rapids and waves that were once used by northern loggers to transport their timber supply from the headwaters of the Androscoggin in Errol, NH to the logging mecca of Berlin, NH.

Nh and Maine River Rafting